Women empowering one another. One bottle at a time.

Be. is a uniquely Indian brand, powered by vision to enable the Indian woman in her everyday life.
Our brand strives to make a professional woman’s routine easier in the workplace and home,
and provide a pleasant user experience through beautiful packaging, natural ingredients and elegant fragrances.
We contribute 5 percent of the net revenue for hygiene awareness and sanitation initiatives for women and girls in rural communities.
Be. donates ₹10 on behalf of every person who wishes to help improve women and girls hygienic sanitation.
We urge you to be the solution and send one magical wish online on
Sending a wish is absolutely free.


The Conversation

A woman often finds herself without healthy products that have naturally-based ingredients to care for her skin. Be. offers women a new alternative to daily hygiene products such as hand sanitisers, hand soap, body mists, etc.

We source high-quality ingredients, place our consumer's health first, and provide a collection of products to match her personal taste in fragrance. We want to empower women to use the healthiest daily hygiene products available and at the same time improve hygiene standards of rural women and girls.

Be. in One Sentence

We sell healthy products that guarantee the well-being of every Indian woman.

Well-being is guaranteed on two levels:
• Personal level: High quality naturally-based ingredients in our products, ensuring healthy formulas are available to our consumers.
• Societal level: Five percent of profits are used to fund hygienic sanitation projects for rural women in India, i.e. sanitation loans for women to build a basic facility in her home.

Shop Online

Find and order your favourite Be. hand sanitizer, body mist, hand soap or intimate wash. 

Be. On Your Way

Carry Be. with you everywhere you go and use in the comfort of your home

Be. The Solution

Every bottle helps improve the hygiene and sanitation levels of rural women and girls.

Milaap Partnership

Be. The Solution is a new online brand of daily hygiene products. We bring you a refreshing take to your ordinary personal care routine. Be.’s formula uses healthy ingredients, creating hand sanitizers, body mist, hand wash, toilet seat sanitizer, and an intimate wash with the everyday Indian woman in mind. We know caring for your skin with the healthiest products is important to you. For this reason, Be. sources high-quality ingredients from lavender, lemongrass, orange, lemon, black pepper, aloe vera, and green tea. Our brand helps women empower one another and strive toward a better future for India. As a new brand, our hygiene products are designed to make a woman’s personal care and hygienic lifestyle easier to manage, and give back to society.

Our brand contributes 5 percent of net revenue towards women’s sanitation projects. Our business model provides Indian women with customized Be. products, and as a result, create life changing opportunities for women and girls in rural communities. Be. presents women with a special chance to empower their rupees. With a simple online purchase, Be. enables women to make better hygiene and sanitation opportunities available to disadvantaged women and girls.

Be. partnered with Milaap Social Ventures, India’s largest crowdfunding platform for social causes. We urge you to be the solution and send one magical wish online via For every wish, Be. donates 10 rupees to sanitation projects. Sending a wish is absolutely free. Thus, Be. funds twenty-one sanitation loans for women in the rural regions of Tamil Nadu and Gujarat, granting access to a basic facility we all take for granted. We can empower each other through simple choices in our everyday lives. Our rupees have the power to not only consume, but also to help others.

Ketto Partnership

Be. has partnered with Ketto, Asia’s most-visited crowdfunding platform with the largest funding community. Through our partnership, we will launch a reward-based crowdfunding campaign for individuals interested in daily hygiene products and supporting women’s hygiene and sanitation initiatives. For example, with the release of new Be. products, we provide pre-sales campaigns and raise funds for women’s health and hygiene nonprofit organizations. Thus, our Ketto campaigns will enable you to find and purchase Be. products at a discounted rate, and at the same time, contribute 5 percent toward improving levels of women and girls hygiene.

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